Cotton Textile-Knit/Woven Processing Chemicals

Chemical Name Cotton Textile-Knit/Woven Processing Chemicals

-Scouring and wetting agents (APEO free, NP9.5 substitute)

-Enzyme based de-sizing agents
-low-foam scouring and de-sizing agents (APEO free)
-Low foam scouring and wetting agent for batch and CP machines (APEO free)
-Anionic detergent, low foaming, scouring and wetting agent for batch and CP machines (APEO free)
- APEO free, Low foam Scouring agent, with excellent wetting/rewetting, pourable viscous liquid form, for Jet / Soft flow machines:
-De-mineralizing agent, with high Fe++ chelation
-Anticrease, polymer based
-Opitcal brightner,
-Organic peroxide stabilizer (liquid product)
-Peroxide killer
-enzyme based peroxide killer
-Core alkali neutralizer
-Special scouring agent to reduce caustic consumption
-Special anionic detergent for Lycra
-De-aerating agent with penetration for cheese dyeing, heavy garment
-anionic lubricant with penetration for heavy cotton, garment, jeans and polyester yarn.
-Dye-bath conditioner with sequesterent and dispersing agent
-Dye bath lubricant or anti-crease
-Dye-bath leveling agent
-Soaping agent (non-foaming)
-Dye-fixing agent (non-formaldehyde)
-Products for Anti-dye-migration
-Anionc lubricant for terry towel, heavy garments, demin etc.
-Anionic wetting agent for Lycra, turquish color processing.
-Cationic softener, cold water soluble (flakes)
-AEEA-free cold water soluble cationic softner, hot water soluble (flakes)
-Non yellowing easy feel cationic softener, hot water soluble
-Amino micro-silicon softener with bounciness
-Semi-micro amino-silicon softener for white as well as softening and elastomeric effect