Denim And Readymade Garments Processing Chemicals

Chemical Name Denim And Readymade Garments Processing Chemicals


-Anti-back staining agents
-Acid enzymes (fading effect)
-Polymeric cationic softener which imparts softeness, bulk and body.

-Desizing and Scouring agent with fabric penetration
-Anionic single bath desizing and scouring agent.
-Enzyme based de-sizing agents
-Semi-micro emulsion, which gives excellent softeness with surface.
-Concentration Microemulsion with gives excellent inner and outer softeness with surface.
-Special Anti-back staining agent (flakes, non-ionic)
-Special Anti-back staining agent (liquid form, anionic)
-Special Anti-back staining agent (powder form, powerful anionic/non-ionic)
-Potassium Permanganate process enhancer
-Bleach booster for fancy effect
-Indigo Reducer
-Dye-depth enhancer

-Special Anti-back staining agent (with pocket-clear effect)
-Potassium Permanganate neutralizer