Meta Ureido Aniline Hcl

Chemical Name Meta Ureido Aniline Hcl
CAS No. 59690-89-9
Structure Meta Ureido Aniline Hcl

Molecular Weight : 151 grams/Mole

Empirical Formula : C7 H9 O N3 HCl

Purity : Min. 60.00%

MPD Content : Max. 00.30%

Di Uriedo Content : Max. 5% by HPLC

Aniline Content : Max. 00.30%

Solubility : Soluble in Water & HCl

Physical appearance : Light grey to white coloured wet cake

Basis of Sale : On 100% real basis

Packing : 25/50kgs HDPE bags with double liners inside