Business Alliance

World Chem Trading Corporaction, India aim to be a leading chemicals trading house offering a wide variety of chemicals for import into and export from India.
We, represents several globally renowned suppliers of chemicals, gases & materials for promotion & marketing of their products in India.
We aim to build enduring relationships by offering quality services to customers and suppliers around the globe.

Advantage As Sourcing Agents and Marketing Agents

  • Possess the skills, resources, and expertise for successful distribution
  • Experience to develop market for new and innovative product
  • Years of experience of local Indian business environment
  • Well trained knowledgeable team for sales and support
  • Represents on an exclusive or semi-exclusive basis

We provide an effective marketing and distribution channel for India. Our end users consist of companies engaged in manufacture of Paints, Inks, Dyestuff, Resins, Pharmaceuticals and Food Processing, Glass and Ceramics, Lab Chemical manufacture, Agro-Chemicals, Adhesives and Plastic processing Industries.

We invite reliable overseas suppliers to offer raw materials and products for the following Industries in India:

  • Paints & Ink Industries
  • Dye Intermediates & Dystuff Industries
  • Detergent & Cosmetic Industries
  • Pharmasutical Industries
  • Lab and Speciality Chemical
  • Agro & Pestisides Industries
  • Food Processing
  • Printing Industries

If you interested to join hand just drop email to us.